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Children as leaders

Developing leadership is important  for us at St Uny. We aim to give the children responsibility that will prepare them for life beyond their time with us.


Head & Deputy Head Prefect


Our Head and Deputy Head prefect are Year 6 pupils that have the responsibility of being ambassadors for the school, introducing special whole school events and giving tours to any special visitors that visit our academy.

This year our Head Prefect is Imogen  and our Deputy Head Prefect is Charlotte. They work closely together to ensure the school runs smoothly.




In Year 6 we give the children the chance to apply to be a prefect, giving them responsibility around the school.   Our prefects have an important responsibility in carrying out jobs around the academy and setting the expected standards of behaviour.


School Council


Our school council, led by Miss Eden, meet to discuss important issues in our academy. All years from 1-6 are represented, with the children looking for ways to improve our academy even further and provide a voice for all students.